Innovation Consulting

We listen, we involve, we advise.

We analyse the threat of competition, evaluate industry trends, identify strategic opportunities, and develop targeted POCs, to ensure we deliver digitally innovative solutions that transform businesses.

Ideation Workshops & Product Strategy

Dedicated sessions that produce new ideas and define what your product needs to achieve.

Market Research & Landscape Analysis

Examining a specific sector, industry, market or niche to uncover business value.

Design & UX

Good design = Good business

Our UI/UX design strategies combine creativity with qualitative analysis, ensuring that your clients always receive an intuitive, seamless, and satisfying user experience.

Design Thinking Workshops

Creative problem-solving sessions with design thinking principles.

Style Guide-driven Design

Putting a living style guide at the centre of UX design, focusing on a user’s first contact to the last.

UX Design

Structural design solutions for pain points encountered along the product journey.

Usability Testing

Guided sessions with product users to uncover problems and discover opportunities.

Application Development

Robust solutions, proven technology.

We embrace modern DevOps tools, dependable technologies and Agile methodologies to create solutions that endure. We’ll provide close coordination through routine reviews for visibility and transparency.

Mobile Apps

Developing user-friendly apps that solve business problems.


Creating responsive, adaptive, SEO-optimised websites.

Enterprise Platforms

Deploying Project Management, eCommerce, and Office tools.

IT Architecture

Foundational technology architecture that maximises scalability and performance.

Rapid Prototyping

Fail fast, learn fast, act fast.

We specialise in Agile Proof of Concept (POC) and Minimal Viable Product (MVP) development to help you make smarter and better-informed decisions on your product investment.

Targeted POCs

Determining the technical feasibility of a proposed concept.

MVP Approach

Testing a core-value-focused type of your product in front of users.

Digital Communications

Change is only possible with communication.

We create and deploy change management communication strategies that convey change clearly and effectively to raise awareness, prepare users and offer guidance to stakeholders in your organisation.


Defining your product’s core brand identity and purpose.

Launch & Activation Campaigns

Targeted messaging for impactful marketing across B2B & B2C.

Creative Content

Videos, images, infographics for diverse and multiple audiences.

Engagement Monitoring

Tracking feedback and interactions to boost change advocacy.

Data & Analytics

Turn negatives into positives.

We analyse and evaluate customer sentiment about your products and services to help you turn negative feedback into positive business results by using tools and technology such as Hadoop, Amazon EMR, R, Text Mining, and more.

Big Data Insight

Mining your company's untapped data to leverage Big Data Insights.

Usage Analysis

Identifying trends to optimise performance and grow your user base.

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